Button Templates

Click on the images below to get the PDF template for each button shape.



A) WORKING AREA: Recommend that all art and copy stay within this area
B) FACE OF BUTTON: Art should not touch this area of the button unless is bleeding off the edge
C) DIE CUT/BLEED LINE: All art that bleeds/wraps must extend to this line. This line must print for accurate cutting.
D) TAGLINE: Typesetting will be done on the curl in the bleed area by Express-A-Button to insure proper location.


If you are unsure of the layout please call Customer Service.


What is the difference between a one and two piece button?
Some people call them the "Old fashioned button" but the only difference between a one and two piece button is that there is an extra piece of metal in the two piece button between the back and the graphic. This makes the two piece button heavier and sturdier. Some people prefer one over the other, but both are quality buttons.


Hand Fan Templates

Click on images below for a printable fan template.


Size range from 7¼" x 7¼" to 8" x 8" to 5½" x 9"


Allow 1 ¼" x 4" space for a handle on back.


Charge 50% of the net price extra or $100 min.
Requires 2 additional production days


Custom die needed. Charge starts at $240.00 (A).


Styles shown with grey backgrounds are also available as a sandwich fan.